Storm Davis ruined my childhood

I am on hour number 6 of Operation Commons Box Rescue. I am almost sick of baseball cards now and it doesn’t help that my Marlins are going to lose to Barry Zito tonight. While looking through cards A-M one card snuck in somehow and brought back a painful memory of my childhood. It is a 1990 Upper Deck Storm Davis. Now, many might not know much about the guy but he played the better part of three years with the Oakland Athletics during their late 80’s, early 90’s dominance.

Of course, to 12-year old kids it didn’t matter much that Davis won 19 games in 1989. He just wasn’t as cool as Jose, Rickey, Mark, or even Dave Stewart. In late 1991 I was eleven and in my second year as a collector. I begged my mom all year to buy me a Jose Canseco official jersey and when Christmas rolled around I only had one gift under the tree. Well, at around 4 in the morning I woke up, ran to the tree and un-wrapped my lonely gift. The joy that came over me is one I could never describe in a blog. When I pulled out a brand-new Oakland A’s jersey, I teared up a little. Finally, I could wear the same jersey my idol, Jose Canseco wore when he hit his 500-foot home runs. It was the light-grey, had that new smell to it, and was larger than anything I had ever worn. I would not find out for another 10 minutes or so that it was not #33. When I finally did find out, I was devastated. It was an official Storm Davis jersey.

What made matters worse was my mom forcing me to wear my Storm Davis jersey to school since she “paid so much for it”. For the next two weeks I found myself being teased every week when I would walk through the halls of Indian Trace Elementary. “Hey Storm” the kids mocked. “How’s the weather, Storm?” Let’s just say that in the third week I accidentally “lost” the jersey in school. Apparently, someone stole the damn thing out of my locker. “Bunch of savages in this town” I told mom.


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  1. Not necessarily a player but a company once did it for me. I have no idea who the company was. I do know that they made shitty baseball jerseys with generic names and numbers of teams and players that didn’t exist. I’ll never forget being asked a million times who the “LongBalls” were. Like you, My jersey inexplicably had all the buttons ripped off one day at recess. Oddly enough, I wore an undershirt that day (something I never did.)

    But, it backfired. Not only did I not lose the jersey for good, I learned to sew that day. The Home Economics teacher made me sew the buttons back on. I was so mad I dropped the class and switched to a Shop Class instead.

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