Operation Commons Box Rescue Video!

To continue the constant updates at Wax Heaven I have made a short video of what my entire weekend will be like. The very next post at Wax Heaven will come when I have finished the project. It will be a contest for a lot of baseball cards including an autograph, game-used, and/or a low-numbered serial card.

Stay tuned and enjoy the video!



  1. Hey Mario Come on now My Friend,it’s Memorial Day Weekend Relax.Time for BBQ’s and some Cold Beers,ribs are soaking in BBQ Sauce ready for a slow cook when I get back.You need to put them cards away and hunt for some card board gold over this three day weekend!
    I’m on my way out the door right now.
    Have my coffee in hand,money in pocket,yard sales all marked out by towns and feeling great! Wish Me Luck.
    Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. “…But instead I’m playing with baseball cards”

    Where’s the enthusiasm buddy?? I wanna see another vid of you getting excited about this project. This was your idea, right? I think I heard some second thoughts there in your tone of voice 🙂

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