Memorial Day Contest! *UPDATE*


Your choices have to be made in the post not by email. That way there will be proof and no claims of favoritism, etc. since a poster can’t edit their original choice. Also, no cheating. I can see IP addresses. Let’s make this a fair contest so we can do more in the future!

— — —

Okay guys, it’s Memorial Day weekend and time for another Wax Heaven contest. The rules are simple and this time, Tatiana and I cannot participate. You only get one chance to pick and voting will close on Sunday, 11:59 PM. Up for grabs is a Pat Burrell lot with a 2007 Finest, 2007 Heritage, and one old school autograph from the days when you weren’t guaranteed an auto per pack. It’s a 1999 Upper Deck Retro Pat Burrell on-card signature that once booked for $120. It is also the very first autograph I pulled in a pack and it could be yours for free.

If you win and are not a Phillies or Burrell fan, you can choose between a random, low-numbered, game-used, or autograph from my collection. Cards will be in the mailbox Tuesday morning so if you win, make sure to email me ASAP.

Here’s the game!

Check out the teams who have games on Memorial Day. Now, pick one single player and if he hits a home run—you win. It’s that simple. If someone ahead of you has chosen the player you want, you must choose another one. There is a possibility that more than one person will win and if that’s the case, there will be a playoff with extra cards added to the winning lot!

So check out the schedule, pick your player, and good luck!!!

Also, tell all your friends who like sports and collect baseball cards to join the contest.



  1. I’ll take Derrek Lee. He’s been on fire at Wrigley this year. Plus I’ve got The Infamous One’s good juju at the Friendly Confines on Monday.

    Although, I’m willing to bet whoever takes Uggla will probably win. Talk about being in a contract year 🙂

  2. I wish Cincy was playing. I would take Griffey just to prove I still have faith in The Kid. I hate watching him drop them in center at the wall EVERY freakin’ game! I’ve never wanted to see a single player hit a home run so bad in my life. Come on, Junior.

    BUT, since they’re not, I take Manny.

  3. wow. look at all the non Brave fans picking Braves…… I guess that leaves me Frenchy,
    Jeff Francoeur

  4. I dunno about the guys who picked Chipper and McCann but I’m a huge Braves fan. I always have good luck seeing Kelly Johnson hit them out for some strange reason but he isn’t assured an AB every day

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