Madison Bumgarner is on fire!!!

Did you know that the #1 Google search engine result for San Fransisco prospect Madison Bumgarner comes to Wax Heaven and this infamous post? As cool as that is, I feel kind of bad now because I was poking fun. I mean, I already spoke to one former Marlin who admitted that he “Googled” his name all the time. So what’s to say Madison has not read Wax Heaven and that post?

Instead of pointing out the obvious, why not talk about the hot streak he is in right now. For example, this season he has struck out 20 batters in just 18 innings while only walking three. Those great numbers have brought a great boost to his cards on eBay, which are selling for hundreds of dollars now.

The Giants may be terrible today but it looks like their future is secure with Tim Lincecum in 2008 and Madison facing big league hitters by 2009, if not sooner. I just hope I don’t sit anywhere near his father when they play the Marlins. Something tells me he hasn’t forgotten the rude, crude Mario Alejandro.


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