Wax Heaven needs YOUR help!

Operation Commons Box Rescue is now 50% complete at the four hour mark. Unfortunately, I have four oddball baseball cards that I cannot identify. I need all the experts to come out from hiding and help me identify these four cards so I can finish my task. One looks like Randy Johnson but I am not positive. Also, if you know the story behind the specific card, feel free to share.

Thanks to anyone who can help! I will be doing some giveaways when I finish O.C.B.R.



  1. Randy Johnson – haven’t seen that card (bird killer maybe?)
    Jim Palmer – jockey underwear
    Mackey Sasser – can’t throw ball back to pitcher
    Tom Selleck? – “Mr.Baseball”

  2. Papajv…there are small interviews on the back that might help with the identifying of the cards. It just didn’t help me.

    Mmosley, wow thanks.

  3. Upper left is Randy Johnson, lower right Don Mattingly.

    Lower left, I want to say Tom Seaver or Carlton Fisk (but looks like a Met [what’s with the toilet behind him?]). Jim Palmer sounds right for upper right.

  4. Hi Mario
    I think the bottom right guy is Doug Drabek because he looks a little like Mattingly but more like Drabek.

  5. Speaking of Doug Drabek, there is a lady that comes into my restaurant that was married to a former Minor League player. He never made the bigs but she made friends with a few of the players. The most notable was Doug Drabek.

  6. Actually, yeah, it does look more like Eckersley than Mattingly. Good eyes. He’s not on the linked checklist, but there are a couple missing there.

    Could lower left be Hrbek?

  7. Thanks for all the help guys. Actually, Kent is clearly on one of the other cards I own. As far as the bottom right, it really does look like Bucky!

  8. There have been several posts on these cards over the past two months. I’ve gotten 4 packs of them in the past few months in repacks. the 2007 SCD catalog lists them. Where have they been since 1992?

    If the card on the lower right is #28 then it’s Buckner.

    Check out thingsdonetocards.blogspot.com/2008/04/1992-national-enquirer.html

    for my write up on the Deion Sanders card.

  9. After reading the card back, mmosley was right with everyone except the last one on the right. That one is Bill Buckner. Thanks for everyone who helped!!

  10. Hey, gotta give me credit for Buckner too. Check out my 2nd comment above.

    How’s that neck feeling after all that sorting?

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