Operations Commons Box Rescue!

You know what they say, when the cat is away….

The Infamous Tatiana and son are on a flight to Chicago where they will spend the next five days with family. That gives me an empty house and believe it or not, I plan to take advantage of it by organizing my commons box. Yeah, I am officially a baseball card nerd.

I am taking my 5,000+ baseball cards and putting each card in alphabetical order by last name. That way, I can pull players from opposing teams to attempt to get autographs during Marlins games. Below are two pictures: one is at the very beginning after I managed to throw all of Tatiana’s girly crap on the floor, err…I mean after I placed all her wonderful belongings securely on the dinner table.

The second photo is the baseball cards after three hours of organizing by alphabetical order. It doesn’t seem like a lot but trust me it was hard work. 2006 & 2007 Bowman Heritage was a pain but I am having a blast finding some goodies. Stay tuned for the finale, which has to come no later than Tuesday!

Can it be done? …and are there any ball players with a last name starting with an “X”?



  1. Nope. Sorry T. I couldn’t touch a pair of tickets for less than $175 bucks. The last game I went to, I think I paid $40, so I’m not shellin out a car payment to see my beloved ScRubbies. I have a big TV, so it will feel like I’m there with you. What section are you guys sitting in??

  2. Many years ago, I decided to put all my commons in alphabetical order by player. As you say it was hard work. Several years later I rearranged them by set name in year order. I’ve not put them in number oder within sets, That would be crazy. My wife (who is a saint, by the way) just looks the other way whenever I start reorganizing. You’re probably doing this the right way, when you have some alone time in the house.

  3. Dude. You obviously trade a lot more than I do, ’cause I’ve got …six boxes of cards sitting here that I need to go through. That, or I just need to start shipping things out myself. Granted, one of those boxes are nothing BUT Astros.

  4. Big card? Who? What? Where?

    Charlie- sorry you cant make it, ill try to wave a lot during the game so you’ll get an ‘infamous’ hello if the camera by chance captures my image! 🙂
    I’m in section 229. Not too shabby. I’m just happy to be there. 🙂

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