We all had a great, big laugh when Greg Maddux failed to get his 350th win against the Marlins a couple of weeks ago. We made national sports headlines when we gave the unstoppable Brandon Webb his first loss of the year two nights ago. That’s all fine and dandy but what about when the shoe is on the other foot? Tonight, one of our best pitchers is going up against the most overpriced, and worst-performing pitcher of 2008, Barry “Zero” Zito.

It would be unfair to compare Zito’s 113 career wins to Olsen’s 27 but this year they are certainly on even playing fields. Since signing the biggest contract ever given to a pitcher ($126 million), Barry has gone 11-21 for the San Fransisco Giants, including a win-less record of 0-8 this season. This is the same guy that won the Cy Young Award in 2002 after winning 23 games for Oakland.

Scott Olsen is the favorite tonight but I have always been a fan of the underdog. I am torn but my loyalty lies with the Florida Marlins. Unless Olsen is electrifying tonight, expect a top-notch pitching performance from Zito. Remember, it is Zito not Olsen who has everything to prove tonight. He has to earn his contract, respect, and the confidence of his loyal fans who are still standing by his side.

Scott Olsen? He may be 4-1 on the season but unless the stories of him maturing are true, I have a feeling he is more interested in what happens after the Marlins game than during. Who do you have winning tonight’s match-up?