Zack Hample is an expert on balls

…and thinks you will pay $500 to attend a game with him.

Don’t know about you, but I’d give $500 to be as far away as possible from this guy. I don’t know if I should be angry or really depressed that this “kid” gets national media attention for going to games and stealing foul balls away from children. Shame on the media for making this guy an Internet Star. Oh, he also has an MLB Blog. Don’t know why you’d read it, though.

How about this? You buy me a $10 order of Dolphins Stadium nachos and a $12 bottle of Sprite and you have me by your side for an entire game. Now that’s a great value!



  1. At the end he says he likes to feel like the one and it makes him feel special!! Congrats “Ball Guy” i would have to say you are very “SPECIAL” and yeah im pretty sure you “are the one”..What a freak… get the ball and find the first kid you see and toss the ball to the kid!!
    IF i ever see this guy at a Marlins game i will do everything i can to make sure he is ball-less leaving the stadium, hey if i knock him down i knock him down and you dont need a foul ball in the air to knock this guy down!! Baseball fans unite letd start a new game day tradition..find this freak and put him on the DL for good!! FHM OUUUUUUUUTTT

  2. Wow. So, umm…..

    I love how the reporter doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he thinks this guy is a complete tool. His face says it all. *Priceless*

    Hope he didn’t have to pay the $500.00 price tag!

  3. Something tells me he counts them and makes sure all of them are in a perfect line zig zaging through his mothers basement

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