Who wants to be Robert Horry?

I have never been a fan of basketball, that I will admit. Unfortunately, listening to talk radio usually means that I am stuck with all different sports news coming at me every minute of every cheesy segment. That being said, I had no idea Robert Horry had been on seven championship teams. I immediately went to pull up his career stats, expecting some Jordan-esque-type numbers and found that for his career, he averages 7 points per game. He has won 7 championships and is currently in the playoffs but something tells me that he doesn’t have the following a Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan does. Hell, I couldn’t find a single game-used or certified autograph of the guy.

Here is my question to the readers of Wax Heaven. If you sold your soul to play basketball and were given two choices for a career, which would you choose?

1. 15 seasons, 10 PPG, 8 championships but complete anonymity.

2. 7 seasons, 40 PPG, no championships but unlimited stardom.

I hate to admit it but I’d prefer to be the very best, even if only for a short period of time. I’d aim to be the man on top for as long as possible, even if it garners me the label “greedy”. Is that the wrong answer?



  1. I gotta say give me the Championships. How many people can truely say theey have been a champion. Look at Kevin Garnett. Big star but no rings yet and that’s why he wanted out of MN.

  2. Aside from my personal dislike of Robert Horry (due to his dirty play), he is really a pretty exceptional player. He’s not a stat monster, but he is pretty well-rounded and a good clutch shooter. I read in SI yesterday that he has made the playoffs in each of the 15 seasons he has played in the NBA. I also found the following interesting info on his wikipedia page:

    He is one of only nine players to have won seven or more championships in the NBA, and the ONLY one who did not play on the 1960s Celtics. In 2005, he joined John Salley as the only players to win NBA rings with three different teams.

    Records he holds:
    -All-time leader in playoff games played with 241(passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar this season)
    -All-time NBA Finals 3-point leader with 53 (11 ahead of second place- Michael Jordan)
    -Most consecutive 3-pointers made in a game without a miss- 7
    -Second all-time for 3-pointers made in the playoffs, behind Reggie Miller

  3. I don’t think Big Shot Bob is a dirty player … and he can play on a team that I coach, any day of the week.

    Robert Horry is a winner … and I like guys like that.

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