The Marlins don’t care about blog people

Last Saturday, while sweating it out in Little Havana during the Hanley Ramirez press conference I ran into the Vice-President of Marketing for the Florida Marlins, Sean Flynn. He was professional and very friendly, even after I rushed him about getting a press pass for Wax Heaven and was told to call Maria on Monday. I did just that and ran into yet another friendly voice when I spoke to her early, Monday morning. She then directed me to email the person in charge of credentials and so I did. You can find the entire email I sent out by clicking here.

What’s sad is that after pouring my heart out, all they could give me was one, single sentence with “no” thrown in for kicks. You know, I respect their decision but it’s not like I was asking to sit in the Marlins dugout while the game is in progress. I asked for credentials so I can photograph the players before games (when there are 300 people in the stadium) and for the privilege of being allowed to sit in the photography pit on Sunday games when it’s 99 degrees and the three photographers that show up are only taking up 7 of the 10 slots available.

C’mon guys! I know you are in first place, just gave one of your players $70 million, and have a second basemen on pace for 70 home runs but that doesn’t give you the right to step all over your true fans. You know, the guys that go there and pay $100 for tickets and $80 for food even when a loss is eminent and the team is not in first place. Don’t worry, I will continue to support these amazing players and team but from this moment on, the little fish inside of me is dead.

(Thanks to Real White Boy for the awesome image below)



  1. Maybe its like the Jewish community…they won’t let you become a part of it until they know you’re completely committed. (no offense to any Jewish people out there.)

  2. I don’t know what their exact response was, but I think you might have asked for a bit much by requesting media credentials for every Sunday home game for the rest of the season.

  3. If it means anything, I’m going to start giving phone numbers for “Home,” “Work,” “Mobile,” and “Wife” when I e-mail people.

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