She keeps on passin’ me by…

Last night was a strange night for me. I watched Brandon Webb lose to the Marlins and sat on my computer letting the minutes go by to the end of an eBay auction without making a single bid. It’s wasn’t an ordinary auction, either. It was for the fabled ’07 Finest Black Refractor Auto Andrew Miller. You know, the one I have been obsessing about for half a year.

Most of the time, unless a card is ripped to shreds I hardly ever notice dings, foil missing, or any other imperfection. The second the card went on-line I let out a sigh of relief. Finally, my most-wanted card was within reach and then someone by the name of Charles made a comment by email that I will never forget. “Too bad the autograph is so off-center”. That was all it took for me to instantly fall out of love.

Up to that point I had been discussing with the owner taking the card off eBay for an immediate payment but after that comment I didn’t even know what to say to the seller. I just sat by and watched as it went for under $30 dollars, with a total of 9 bids. I guess I will just have to sit and wait for the next one to pop up. There are still 97 left, probably a good chunk of them in un-opened boxes of ’07 Finest, too. If any dealers are reading this…I am dying to bust some ’07 Finest. Email me ASAP if you can give me a great price on two hobby boxes. Pay day is the 30th and I am itching to pull the card pictured below! I already missed out on this card last year when I paid $180 for a box and pulled a Torii Hunter Black Refractor. It’s my turn to get the card I was destined to own, once and for all.



  1. Hey Mario,

    Didn’t mean to completely turn you off from buying it. I just thought since there are more out there, that you should wait for the perfect one, that’s all. The tide will turn your way when you are meant to have it. Don’t bust boxes for $150 each just to try and pull it though.

    I actually let a Dawson Triple Threads(my white whale) #’d 1/9 pass me by because one of the die-cuts was bent.

    If you really want something, and it’s not a 1/1, it’s better to wait for that perfect one.

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