Brandon Webb loses, a TRUE Marlins fan wins

22 05 2008

When the contest began this morning I didn’t expect many responses. At most I figured I’d get two, maybe three. Surprisingly, there were more than 30 people who took a chance and a good 90% of you picked Arizona over Florida, Brandon Webb over Ricky Nolasco, any team over my beloved Marlins. Well, have a look at the picks and see for yourself who picked the exact score and the winning team.

Yup, the Infamous Tatiana pulled out an upset and wins a free autograph, game-used, low-numbered card. Since all my baseball cards are technically hers too, I gave her $13 cash to cover what she paid for by Pay Pal for this ugly but rare Alfredo Amezaga autograph. Congratulations to Tatiana and thanks to EVERYONE who took a chance on this contest. I plan to do another one next week so stay tuned.

Go Marlins!!!!

Also, make sure to check out her blog and show her some comments love!




5 responses

22 05 2008

Way to go Tataina! Can’t believe you nailed the correct score.

22 05 2008

And i will be sending Tatiana one of the most special Marlins cards in my collection for winning this contest!!

22 05 2008

Your Marlins are showing…

22 05 2008

And to think just 2 blogs previous i picked 4 to 1.

22 05 2008

Conflict of interest? haha just kidding.

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