Brandon Webb loses, a TRUE Marlins fan wins

When the contest began this morning I didn’t expect many responses. At most I figured I’d get two, maybe three. Surprisingly, there were more than 30 people who took a chance and a good 90% of you picked Arizona over Florida, Brandon Webb over Ricky Nolasco, any team over my beloved Marlins. Well, have a look at the picks and see for yourself who picked the exact score and the winning team.

Yup, the Infamous Tatiana pulled out an upset and wins a free autograph, game-used, low-numbered card. Since all my baseball cards are technically hers too, I gave her $13 cash to cover what she paid for by Pay Pal for this ugly but rare Alfredo Amezaga autograph. Congratulations to Tatiana and thanks to EVERYONE who took a chance on this contest. I plan to do another one next week so stay tuned.

Go Marlins!!!!

Also, make sure to check out her blog and show her some comments love!



  1. And i will be sending Tatiana one of the most special Marlins cards in my collection for winning this contest!!

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