Tonight it’s David vs. Goliath…or should I say, Brandon Webb vs. The Florida Marlins?

Last night, thanks in part to yet another Dan Uggla home run the Florida Marlins squeaked past the hot Arizona Diamondbacks. Tonight it’s not going to be that easy, though. On the mound for Arizona is Brandon Webb, a guy who is 9-0 and gives up well under 3 runs per outing. The Fish have all-around “nice guy” Ricky Nolasco on the mound. Ricky’s numbers aren’t as impressive (2-3, 5.18 ERA) but he has pitched well in his last couple of outings.

Everyone is going to be tuned in tonight to see if Webb can start the season at 10-0 so expect lots of exposure on ESPN & Baseball Tonight but it will be no easy task considering he has to face one of the hottest players in all of baseball right now in Dan Uggla, a hot since returning Mike Jacobs, and a man who is struggling but is looking to earn his just recently signed contract for $70 million, Hanley Ramirez.

Okay guys, make your predictions. The person that picks the correct winning team and is closest to the final score wins a random autograph, game-used, or low-numbered card from my vast collection of baseball cards!

P.S – It won’t be the card below because I don’t own it.



  1. Start laughing NOW!!! Marlins win 7 – 3. i might be the only guy that picks the marlins so the score for me might not be a big deal..

  2. AZ – 6 / Fish – 2

    Sorry Mario. Your boys have been doing really well, and the Cubs proved that the D’backs are not invincible, but I think Webb just might be. There are plenty of reasons why he’s 9-0, and unless his arm falls off, the fearless fish don’t stand a chance.

  3. Az-7 / Marlins 3

    U know the fish suck!!!!
    And i better get a card of a player i like.
    i.e. A Red Sox!!!!

  4. Marlins 4, D-Bags(D-Backs)1

    Webb pitches deep but gets a ND, as Uggla shoulders the team again.

  5. Guys. Nolasco is pitching for the fish…. Hasn’t done very well, but is getting better.

    I’m gonna have some faith and say 3-1, Fish!
    Just pray Fredi doesn’t put “The Tank” in, then we won’t stand a chance!

    Datruhater- I’m gonna help Mario pick out a card if you win.. I’m thinking a Tankersley auto. 🙂

  6. Dbacks 3-2

    Chris Young takes Nolasco deep for a 2 run homer. S Drew knocks in the other run on a double. Webb pitches 6 2/3, giving up 1 ER. Tony Pena gives up the other run on a Mike Jacobs double in the 8th. Brandon Lyons closes it out.

  7. marlins 2 / dbacks 1

    datruhater dont even watch baseball tell him stick to the “BACK TO MAMA AFRICA” website he runs…. i like baseball but tonight its “GO KOBE”…. aka… THE BLACK MAMBA….. thats what the Marlins need…

  8. Tankersley…WTF?!?!?!?!
    Im not a fan of scrubs. And u an i know what he is.
    The Infamous Tatiana : Stay Tuned
    Check out my score.
    P.S The fish will not make the playoffs.

  9. datruhater- i know Tank is a scrub… he is beyond a scrub… he is a pitching disaster! That’s why i’d give you his auto. I don’t want it! 🙂

    Play offs are a LONG time away. Fish are doing good and we really do have a shot if we continue to do well.

    Do you even watch baseball?

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