2008 Upper Deck Baseball Ballpark preview

21 05 2008

Wow, they must be running out of names for their high-end products. This stuff here looks great but odds are if you can afford a pack you will get stuck with a Bronson Sardinha autograph and a logoman of (insert utility player here).

Product Details

Stated to arrive in September

$50 per pack (5 cards per pack).

You are guaranteed at least 2 multi-swatch cards and one autograph or 3 multi-swatch cards per pack and two base cards. If you are interested in seeing a checklist, CLICK HERE. I don’t know about you but these cards look WAY nicer than Upper Deck Premier.




2 responses

23 05 2008

$50 is insane, plain and simple. Just insane.

21 06 2008

It’s definately a high-end product but there is more in a box than the Product Details suggest:

3 Memorabilia [OR] 1 Autograph and 2 Memorabilia in every pack
1 Dual Swatch Memorabilia per pack
1 Quad Swatch Memorabilia per pack
1 Ballpark Rookie Autograph per box
1 Autographed Memorabilia card per box
1 Ballpark Six Swatch Memorabilia Card per box
1 Ballpark Eight Swatch Memorabilia Card per box

Based on this you should get 12 Memo and 2 Auto per box, 14 hits for $200.

The rookies should be massive on the secondary market.

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