When did Hell freeze over?

I think everyone knows how I feel about ’97 Bowman Chrome but as amazing as that set was, it’s full of guys who never really lived up to their potential (Wood, Cruz Jr., Beltran). So it’s quite unbelievable to me that Lance Berkman’s card from that set is currently one of the hottest in the hobby right now. Yes, I said Lance Berkman. This International Refractor is up to $750 with 9 days left and 18 bids made so far. During this past off-season you could have picked up Refractor versions for well under $50 and the base for less than $5.

Of course, having started the season hitting .399 with 16 home runs and 44 R.B.I won’t hurt but it’s not like this guy is a complete unknown. He has hit at least 40 home runs twice and 30 or more twice, plus has driven in 100 or more RBI 5 times in his short 10-year career. Currently Lance is leading the National League in home runs, RBI, batting average, and is flirting with the mythical Triple Crown. For those that don’t know, the Triple Crown for hitters was last won in 1967 by Carl Yaztrzemski.



  1. No friggin’ kidding! This dude is smoking this year. I’m in MLB.com’s Fantasy League this year (It’s kind of a wussed out version since you don’t pick your pitchers just an entire pitching staff) but Lance is ranked 1st overall in points with 264. Closest out is Nate McLouth (who?!?) with 206 and Chase Utley with 200. Who would have ever guessed Lance Berkman would have such a break out year.

  2. I need to get the folk bidding on that to see the gold j r towles auto i have up..750 wow!!!!

  3. Anyone in Houston?

    Seriously. He’s just having a year ‘slightly better than normal’ for him. Berkman’s always a threat to go 40 HR, 100+ RBI, .300+ avg.

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