The Honeymoon is over

Man, what the heck was I thinking? Did I ever really like “game-used” relics or did I just get swept-up in the excitement of collecting baseball cards again? Nevertheless, I am over it. Who cares if the guy pictured on the card wore the thing during some exhibition game in Spring Training? Is it really that much more valuable than a base or parallel card? Maybe if it’s a faded, pinstriped Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle but 99.9% of the time I’d rather have a Certified Autograph over some cut-up piece of Robinson Cano’s bench-stained tights.

Bats are another matter. I have only pulled one bat (Kirby Puckett) and while it did look somewhat appealing, ultimately it went in a trade as soon as I could unload it. What’s to say it was ever game-used or not? Besides, if the player ever did anything meaningful with the wood more than likely it’s going in his personal collection, Cooperstown, or Mark Ecko’s closet, along with many of his skeletons.

Give me this thing over this any day of the year. At least one is guaranteed to have the hand prints of whoever was facing Joey’s wrath that particular day. The other is just a splinter from one of his pop-ups and/or one of his successful bunts, but only if you’re lucky. Trust me, you won’t be.



  1. You’re write to a point I think. Certain aspects of the honeymoon are over. The jersey cards of the last few years of product suck!! You usually just get a plain white or gray jersey peice, unless you’re lucky, and your team has pin-stripe unis. Ever since Donruss “lost” their MLB license, there is no originality or innovation anymore in jersey cards. They might as well just tape a peice on there. Especially considering the per pack price of UD Premier, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    I have actually collected a select few Bat cards, only because they are Dawson, who you know, I collect. The ones I pull from new wax, I trade away, or attempt to sell at pennies on the dollar. The ones I haven’t even been able to sell for .99 cents, end up in my commons box.

    Patch cards are an entirely different animal though, I think. If done right, patch can look absolutely sick. I site the following example.

    Paste it in your browser and check it out if you get a chance, because if the hobby is left up to Topps and UD, you’ll never see anything like these again 😦

  2. Mario is usually right about these things. Thus. The only solution is for you to make room in your binders and top loaders and send us all your boring GU cards immediately!

  3. I hate game used cards, especially if they are “event used.” I have written a few posts about how I feel that it isnt guaranteed that the player on the card ever wore the jersey, let alone in a game. Most importantly, when it comes to bat cards – those are the worst of the worst, even more awful if they are from HOFer legends. When you go back that far, how do you know who used what or if it just sat in the rack. Overall, I dont buy game used cards unless they have an auto on them.

  4. I agree, but with your examples…if I’m a fan of Albert Belle I would definitely RATHER have the actual bat, but the price difference is $125 vs $4! I mean you can’t really compare those two. Check out what kind of multi patch/GU Belle card (or several cards) you could get for $125 and compare it to the bat…I’d probably still take the full bat, but to compare something with that much of a value difference is a little silly 🙂

  5. Well heck, what is left for you guys that aren’t set builders? I agree that GU have become too common and boring to make them interesting any more, and event-used stuff is a waste. But there are exceptions – I like ’07 Sweet Spot jerseys, but it’s mostly for the design and not the swatches themselves. Some of them are bats or pants, but the cards look nice.
    But back to my original concept…I see so many people like the guys in the SPX box break that ignore base cards in favor of the big hits. I even see a lot of dealers and even producers advertise new issues by showing the GU’s and not even show the commons. But now that those have become boring, what’s left for them to get motivated about? Celebrity autographs?

  6. When you are paying $150 for a box of cards that is not a specified rookie set, at least 1 decent veteran auto would be nice. Why can’t they leave the rookie autos in Bowman, Future Stars, and SP Rookie Edition??

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