Don’t get sucked into the No-Hitter hype!

As 99.9% of sports fans already know, Jon Lester threw a no-hitter last night. It was an amazing performance and an even greater story that the eBay hounds quickly exploited. Now, before you go and break your piggy bank just remember that there are still plenty of Lester autographs selling for under $20. Don’t forget guys, Lester has been in the bigs three seasons now and has yet to break out.

One of the main reasons Lester has not had his breakout season is due to a Cancer battle he faced in 2006. It’s taken away some steam from his Hobby heat but it’s clear it’s returned full force. All I am saying is that as wonderful a story it was, Lester is not exactly a can’t-miss prospect and no matter how rare the card below is (1/1, auto, game-used), it is not going to sell for anything close to $3,500. Good try, though.

If you are a Red Sox fan, take that money and pick this baby up.



  1. Hello Mario – thanks for all that you do with the blog – great stuff.

    I wouldn’t spend $3,500 on any current day card, but John Lester’s appeal is more than ho-hitters and stats. Being a cancer survivor makes him an inspiration to people battling cancer, their familiy members and anyone who is fighting an illness. So I don’t think you can compare his cards’ value to other atheltes with similar stats. For example, I don’t think you can say, the Lester rookie 1/1 auto shouldn’t be worth more than a Tim Lincecum similar card.

    There is no hype, his cards and autographs are worth more because of his greatest accomplishment – beating cancer.

    Just my 2 cents though – thanks for the blog and discussion.

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