2008 SPx is live!

Can you hear my heart breaking? I won’t be getting this product for a while so instead check out this box break I found on YouTube. The guys busting the two boxes clearly are only in it for the big hit and don’t even mention a single freakin’ base card. The boxes didn’t yield any amazing hits but also was not as bad as some of the Co-Signers and Finest breaks I have seen this year.

If anyone is busting SPx, Bowman, Co-Signers, Spectrum, or Finest and you happen to pull any Andrew Miller card, please email me ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy this lifeless box break.




  1. What a shock! More garbage rookie autos, just like every other expensive product this year. Why the hell can’t they do 1 or 2 veteran autos per box. How many Joe Koshansky rookie autos does 1 person need??

    And…..some really fugly game-used cards. I have never purchased an SPX gu card, even of my favorite players.

  2. I like the huh comment after the first box break. Looks like they were expecting alot more also. Have to agree with Charlie…who are these no namer RC’s that they mass produce?? Another product I will not be busting.

  3. Just wait till you bust that $175 box of 2008 Triple Threads, and pull one of these guys:

    Josh Anderson
    Daric Barton
    Steve Pearce
    Chin-Lung Hu
    Clay Buchholz
    J.R. Towles
    Luke Hochevar
    Lance Broadway
    Nyjer Morgan
    Ross Ohlendorf
    Chris Seddon
    Jonathan Albaladejo
    Seth Smith
    Kevin Hart
    Bill White
    Wladimir Balentien
    Justin Ruggiano
    Clint Sammons
    Rich Thompson
    Dave Davidson
    Troy Patton
    Joe Koshansky
    Colt Morton
    Armando Galarraga
    Sam Fuld

    …as your triple relic autograph. Only numbered to 99 too. Waah, waah, waah.

  4. I just want a 24 piece relic card, thanks to eBay i’m sure i’ll get one at a steal of a price compared to the box price.

  5. If they’re going to include so many rookies why don’t they just wait until later on in the season when they can “legally” include the good ones (Fokudume, Longoria, Cueto, DeWitt, etc) instead of just the ones who had a cup of coffee last year. And no, redemptions don’t count. Sheesh, what’s the rush?

  6. I agree with all the points made here. I’m tired of seeing the same lousy rookies pop up in every product this year. Outside of Buchholz, Towles, and maybe Balentien and Hochevar, I don’t want any of their cards, and when I pull one of their auto’s, I’m far from thrilled. If these products are going to feature rookie cards and auto’d rookie cards so prominently, then we at least need to wait until later in the season to make cards of the better rookies. And why are there so few auto’s of star veteran players nowadays? I’d much rather get an auto of a player who’s at least made an All Star team than one of these lousy rookies!

  7. I feel the same way- i went to a scranton wilkes barre vs. indianapolis indians”pirates” AAA game and my my sister and dad had autographs of the whole pirates team out of spx-moments and milestones like nyjer morgan and steven pearce! I was pissed off because i want to pull an a-rod auto and i have like 20 nyjer morgans and 10 steven pearces… They should wait until players like fukudome and cueto are legaly rookies. My dad got lucky and pulled two clay bucholz out of milestones but ive got nothing except for a few red paralells(ones rahdmes liz- a no name $#I^Y rookie) in the five boxes that i bought, and im only 12! On my birthday i got two printing plates in one pack out of milestones- One autograph but thats it. im tired off topps putting out all these crappy rookies. Upper deck is okay, i mean other than spx. in specxtrum my dad got a hot box and had 11 hits- one rookie auto and a DEREK JETER 2/2 auto which is going on ebay. and my sister pulled a jeter auto out of a regular 4 dollar upper deck pack. at least upper deck are producing some of they’re reserved players autos(jeter, dice-k, ken griffey jr.) and ive gotten a griffey- i used to hate upper deck but now they are probably what im gonna buy when i get money.
    Ive gotten wright, jeter, griffey but no a-rod because topps has only 3 different types of a-rods in the past two years. And if they produced more jobas and hughes and bucholz i might be a little happyer but they don’t. I think its b-fricken-s. My dad bought a box of spx yesterday- we got a dan uggla supstar auto in the topper(we were happy) then i got one pack which had a KEnji Johjima 5 color patch- i wasnt jumping out of my seat but i was happy. Then we got a few okay game used. then we got a ross ohlendorf auto- okay atleast a good rookie… then there was 3 rookies even ive never heard of and ive read all the checklists and check EVERYTHING about baseball- then we got a rookie redemption auto #3 which was good but we hate redemptions. i sent a redemption to donruss elite EE and i still havent gotten it back, it was supposed to be a darwin barney throwback threads auto but its josh vitters instaed now! im happy but back to spx. Thats my box break and its about a 6/10- too many crappy rookies. but i got one pack a few days ago out of a fresh new case and got the YSL game used- only one in the case!! SPX is ight but Enough off the rookies, i want like a jeter or atleast some good rookies. I got a josh barfield out of 08 upper deck… and i was happy because i just didnt want any more rookies- and someone mentions joe koshasky…. I HAVE LIKE 300000000000 OF HIS OUT OF SEVERAL DIFFERENT PRODUCTS! I pay too much money to just get paralell cards and rookie autos. $200 dollars for 4 of these guys out of spx
    Josh Anderson, Rob Johnson, Justin Maxwell,
    Colt Morton, Jerry Blevins and the list goes on… if i get enough money to start a card company- i will NOT put CRAPPY ROOKIE autos- only good rookies and players! Well im out

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