Video Blog #2

19 05 2008

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4 responses

20 05 2008
Larry the sewingmachineguy

Nice cards, Mario. For your next video, stand in a slightly darker corner with an even bigger, brighter light behind you. Just kidding man, Love the blog. Peace.

20 05 2008
Mario A.

LOL! Thanks.

It was rushed and I couldn’t find any light and I know I’d get laughed at if I did it outside. 🙂

20 05 2008

Actually, you might be considered an innovator. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outdoor box break, or mailday video blog. Something to ponder 🙂

21 05 2008
Paul/DDoubleplay Sports

Mario did you just get done a contact hit? LMFAO! Cool cards if I could see them?
Now I could put a face to the blogger.
Keep up the great work be well my friend.

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