Today I was on the field taking photographs for the Florida Marlins. I have been out working since 8 A.M, first with the Hanley Ramirez contract signing (photos & video coming soon) and later with the Marlins game. I will not sleep till everything is online but it’s going to be at least a few hours.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me. Today was an amazing day for Wax Heaven and myself. I could not be any happier.



  1. Mario… I am so glad you had fun in the Photo Pit last night. It was great meeting you and I can remember the feelings I had the first time I shot my first pro game. I still get that excited 25 years later (well, almost!)
    It was great meeting you. You are well on your way to becoming a Pro shooter and I look forward to rubbing elbows and crashing lenses with you in the pit in the future.
    Check out the site where the pros hang out;
    When you upgrade your photo gear you will really enjoy shooting sports! The right gear makes all the difference in the world! That and a great attitude-but you already have that!
    I expect great things from you and Wax Heaven! Great site! Keep up the great work!

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