Marlins vs. Royals

We arrived at the stadium at 3 P.M after leaving the press conference and since the doors don’t open till 5:30 P.M had no choice but to sleep in our vehicles. Luckily, an hour before the gates opened “Mclovin” of the world-famous Florida Manatees came through with free tickets. These guys are real fans and volunteers for the Marlins who were out with us at 11 A.M at the press conference sweating their big asses away like the rest of us. They worked their asses off today just like I did and they gained my respect.

Below are a few of the photos of the game. I hope you guys enjoy!

Surprisingly, Jose Guillen was the nicest Royal

A father & son moment on the field

How much longer before we see him in the big leagues?

Alex Gordon punching a teammate?

Unfortunately, he and Billy Butler had zero love for the fans tonight

A photo for Dinged Corners

Depressed that he is going to lose the game

Alfredo cannot hit the damn ball lately

Thankfully Mike Jacobs can!

Marlins win!!!


One comment

  1. Alex Gordon is a prick. (Google Alex Gordon and his issues with KTCK in Dallas, and you will find out why)

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