Last night in the 5th inning on my way to the photographers mound on the Dolphins Stadium field, I was escorted by security through the Florida Marlins clubhouse. Our team was down and all our starters were doing their best to pull out a victory after losing four straight. While walking through the halls I went by the Marlins batting cages and inside I saw three forgotten men: Mike Andino, Brett Carroll, and Wes Helms taking extra batting practice underground. It’s hard trying to make a name for yourself in the “show” but imagine trying to do so when you have Hanley Ramirez & Dan Uggla on your team.

These guys had no chips on their shoulders, though. I stood and watched for about a minute as Andino stood next in line for BP, Brett pitched the balls, and Wes Helms crushed each one. It was an awe-inspiring moment in my life. Three guys working their damn hardest to hopefully get another chance to start for the team. Two innings later Wes Helms came up as a pinch-hitter with two men on and crushed a home run to put the Florida Marlins on top for good.

Thank you Wes Helms. You are now just as great and Hanley & Uggla through the eyes of this fan.