A newfound respect for Wes Helms

Last night in the 5th inning on my way to the photographers mound on the Dolphins Stadium field, I was escorted by security through the Florida Marlins clubhouse. Our team was down and all our starters were doing their best to pull out a victory after losing four straight. While walking through the halls I went by the Marlins batting cages and inside I saw three forgotten men: Mike Andino, Brett Carroll, and Wes Helms taking extra batting practice underground. It’s hard trying to make a name for yourself in the “show” but imagine trying to do so when you have Hanley Ramirez & Dan Uggla on your team.

These guys had no chips on their shoulders, though. I stood and watched for about a minute as Andino stood next in line for BP, Brett pitched the balls, and Wes Helms crushed each one. It was an awe-inspiring moment in my life. Three guys working their damn hardest to hopefully get another chance to start for the team. Two innings later Wes Helms came up as a pinch-hitter with two men on and crushed a home run to put the Florida Marlins on top for good.

Thank you Wes Helms. You are now just as great and Hanley & Uggla through the eyes of this fan.



  1. That’s a great story right there. have you noticed that you’re damn close to 150K visitors btw?

  2. Congratulations on having a “This is Why I’m a Fan” moment! A moment that proves that being a fan is not only justified, but makes your fanhood grow even deeper and truer.

  3. Damn, I always call him Mike for some reason even though I carry a card of him at every game (just in case he signs) with big letters spelling R-O-B-E-R-T!

  4. Damn i have to be a hater.
    He need all the practice he can get.

  5. That is an awesome story. I am a Braves fan, and really liked Wes Helms when he played in Atlanta. He can rake if given the chance.

  6. I’m afraid your days to get Andino to sign may be limited as he will likely soon be on a plane to Albuquerque to kick off his summer PCL tour.

  7. I happened to come across your page when I was looking for a poster of Wes Helms to frame for my son’s bedroom. We grew up together and my 10 year old his a huge fan of his. If I can find a poster I want to try to contact Wes in some way (by letter I guess) to see if he would sign the poster for my son… that would make my son’s day! The things we do for our children! Your story has really inspired me to keep being persistant. Thanks for posting!

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