News reporter takes on Upper Deck

Don’t have time for a full post since it’s 6 A.M and I am about to start getting ready for “work”. Check out this great story about a reporter who called Upper Deck to complain about a very fishy Joaquin Noah “shoot-used” relic. You gotta love collectors!

By the way, I don’t watch basketball but see all the highlights on ESPN and something about this kid really irritates me.



  1. That’s just sad. Upper Deck is sinking to new lows all the time. I’m really getting fed up. Using swatches like that just helps out the fake patch market too cause if JN can have a yellow jeresy be authentic, just imagine what you could fake. And to top it off the dual “jeresy” card couldn’t even sell for 99 cents!

  2. The term “event used memorabilia” is so federal government vague, though. Unless the back of the card says “game used jersey” or (and we have one of these) “game used pants,” then you don’t know. Even the phrase “memorabilia from Joakim Noah” is suspect. If it were something real, it would probably say “USED BY JN” or “WORN BY JN” rather than from. Then again, maybe I’m reading too much into the vagueness.

  3. This kind of reporting is GREAT for the Hobby! Let the truth be told! If you look at the card pictured above the picture even looks like the head was super imposed on the body? LMAO! So sad that the Upper Deck company has to stoop to these types of levels.Just another Black Eye for Upper Deck!

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