Robby Thompson’s reoccurring nightmare

It would be hard to find anyone who does not respect Robby Thompson. He was an above average baseball player, two-time All-Star, and played his entire career with one team. Year in and year out he was guaranteed 10+ home runs, 50+ RBI, and was a bit of a threat on the base paths. Unfortunately, he had one night that he will probably like to forget, against a “legendary” player named Bo Diaz.

In his rookie season, Robby Thompson was thrown out trying to steal 4 times in one single game, a record that still stands today. I know they say, “if at first you don’t…” but at some point, maybe after the second failure you probably want to call it a night. What makes matters even worse is that three of his teammates had successful steals in the same game, including the pitcher!

It’s okay, Robby…we still love ya! Did you know Jose Canseco was caught stealing 17 times in 1998?


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