It’s going to be a busy weekend!

Hey guys, this weekend is going to be a crazy one! We will be going to at least one Marlins vs. Royals game so if there is one player on any team you’d like to see photographs of now is the time to ask. I am also waiting on some scans for a future post which should stir up some controversy. A couple of weeks ago a former collector was selling off his collection of baseball cards from the 50’s & 60’s and was asking for $250. One man bought the cards (valued at over $12,000) and is now being called every name imaginable because of it. We will have the full story very soon. You will get the chance to be the judge.

Also, there are some extremely nice eBay wins coming soon which are so special that instead of a regular post, I will do a video blog about. The second all the cards arrive, you will see why I am so happy. So far I recieved 1 out of 4 so it might be a couple of days. Finally, I am going to be writing a new piece for as well which should be ready soon.

AHHHHH!!!!! 🙂



  1. I imagine for the royals/marlins game there will be like 300 people there so you might be able to sit where ever you want. Shoot, if it goes into extra innings, Freddy might put you in the outfield

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