The 500-Homerun club is getting crowded

Manny Ramirez is coming real close to 500 homeruns and as impressive as that is, there are now so many members that it has lost some of its elite status. After Manny hits his 500th in a few days or maybe even a week, you will have the loudmouth Sheffield (482) coming in no later than 2009 and maybe even Carlos Delgado (436), too. If they play long enough, you could see Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, and Vladimir Guerrero. The same goes for Todd Helton and Albert Pujols. It’s just not that special anymore, at least not in my eyes.

What is amazing is the record that Manny is so close to yet might never reach. Manny currently has 20 career Grand Slams, good enough for second place on the all-time list, behind Lou Gehrig. Realistically, he won’t reach the record this year but probably has at least three more great seasons left in him. Surprisingly high on the list is the long-retired punching bag of Nolan Ryan, Robin Ventura with 18 career grand slams. Don’t act like you aren’t shocked by that entry unless your name is Steve.



  1. He didn’t have the greatest career, but King Kong was definitely Mr. Clutch.

    The list gets kinda funny the farther down you go too. John Olerud?? LMAO!

  2. The 500 Home Run Club still has a long way to go before it starts to lose any meaning for me. All those guys that have a chance you mentioned are outstanding players.
    Carlos Delgado is criminally underrated, and Chipper is is often overlooked though we should all be aware of his greatness by now. Todd Helton will get into the Hall of Fame because he was one of his generation’s great hitters, not because he hit 500 home runs if he gets there. And while Andruw Jones is the probably weak link of this coming wave of possible to probable 500 Home Run Club members, remember that he has a decade of defensive excellence to make up for the crappier batting averages he’s posted.

    And I was aware of how many Grand Slams Robin Ventura hit in his career, thank you very much.

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