MLB a victim of the “Simpsons” curse

Every baseball fan can easily name their favorite episode of The Simpsons. If you don’t know it by name, it’s called “Homer At the Bat”. It was the one where Montgomery Burns brought in a couple of ringers to join his company softball team. It featured the voices of Ken Griffey Jr., Jose Canseco, and many others. Well, it’s been almost twenty years and today several of the players that appeared on the show, once destined for immediate entry in the Hall of Fame will never come close thanks to the many scandals they have been involved in. posted their All-Scandal Team and not surprisingly included four players from that famous Simpsons episode. Can you guess which ones? TRY YOUR LUCK!



  1. That’s definately a great episode we got to see the first images of Clemens’s Roid Rage.

    As for the all scandal question:

  2. You could add Mattingly to the list, though the scandal is not of his doing. HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE NOT IN THE HALL OF FAME?!?!?! It’s scandalous.

  3. It never really occurred to me that I don’t have a “favorite” episode of the Simpsons before now. This one is good, I like the Halloween episodes and the one with the insanity pepper and Johnny Cash as a spirit guide is awesome I’m not sure if I can call any of them the favorite.

    I need to put the DVDs on Netflix and watch ’em all to determine the definitive favorite now…

  4. I’m a little confused… who’s the 4th? Boggs? Mattingly? Maybe I’m out of the loop on the who’s who of the Mitchell Report…

  5. Sorry, forgot about Wade’s adultery. If it’s not the juice that get’s ’em it’s the tail…lol Speaking of the Simpson’s, when MLB players get caught in a scandal do they say, “DOH!”? And if they do, does Wiggums say, “That’s what they all say. They all say doh.” Probably not but that’s my favorite Simpson’s line of all time.

  6. I’ve got to agree with dayf the insanity pepper is great. When Homer starts to go crazy, we get a Beatles and Peanuts reference, tons of great one liners, A+ of an episode.

  7. Thank you for putting that stupid song in my head. Ill be spending the next few hours listening to 80’s adult contemporary just so I can have the two cancel each other out.

  8. The episode where Homer has Pinchy the Lobster has a great line too though. When the crab comes out of the ocean and bites Pinchy, Homer says, “Pinchy, You don’t have to take that from no Punk @$$ crab!” My favorite scene however is when the gas leak is coming from under the statue and everyone is having spiritual hallucinations. Skinner starts to downplay it as a hoax and mid sentence he falls on the ground speaking in tongues. That’s so friggin’ funny to me…

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