Bowman is hot, REALLY hot

Matt Laporta is a hot prospect at the moment, there is no doubt about that. What is a surprise though is what his second-year ’08 Bowman Autograph just sold for. His first-year autographs don’t come close to that price! What gives?

I am not exactly going out on a limb by saying that people are extremely itchy to get their hands on ’08 Bowman Chrome, thanks to a beautiful design and respectable checklist. Unfortunately for collectors, the two chrome cards per pack will be as good as it gets for a couple of months. Still, you know this card will not sell for that much ever again until Matt does something significant in the big leagues, if that day ever comes. In a couple of months the winning bidder is going to have some serious buyer’s remorse.

Now, If you want to see a real beauty worth thousands, check out this Superfractor. You will probably not see it again, at least not for a few years.



  1. Man, that Braun makes me glad I don’t collect him… I would be trying to unload a vehicle to pick that thing up.

  2. I just busted some 2007 chrome and pulled a JR towels gold Auto RC.. He is already in the bigs and it only selling for like $150 on the bay..$750 Is a big time risk, but hey if ya got it!!
    PS that Braun was the best porn i have seen on the net in a while!! aHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Uggh… I watched LaPorta hit a couple knocks vs. Tennessee his senior year at Florida and fell in love with the guy… and not because of his offense, but his defense. He popped up on my radar and became a player I would have liked to collect, mostly because of the Florida roots. Now I know I’m in way over my head. Amazing card. One day I shall have it.

  4. I’m buying a jumbo today, but I don’t even understand why 🙂 I just pulled a Jose Reyes Finest Auto yesterday, and I’ll be lucky to get $30 for it. Yet people are willing to spend $200-$1000 on a guy who may bust out in the majors or be a career minor leaguer. Do these cards actually hold their value if the guy turns out to be a bust??

  5. Do we all remember Todd Van Poppel and Brian Taylor? There cards were also worth a fortune at one time. Now they are used as fire starters for the boyscouts. The risk is bigger than the reward if you ask me.

  6. Everybody is looking for the next ’01 Pujol’s auto. That’s why these things sell for so much. I feel sorry for the knucklehead that shelled out $600 to me on eBay for that ignorant Hillary SP PP Upper Deck a few months back! I won’t ever pay that much for a single card. I don’t care if it has one of Manny’s baby teeth embedded in it!

  7. WOW! I’m ripping a few retail packs of TriStar ’08 that I just bought at Walmart while typing that last comment, and wouldn’t you know it, I pull a Matt LaPorta Auto! Pretty neat coincidence.

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