Troy Hambrick is the king of “transactions”

Don’t you just love it when sports cards predict the future? It looks like this Topps card sure did. It’s of former NFL player Troy Hambrick who was sentenced yesterday to five years in prison for making “street transactions” near Tampa, Florida. Do you need more proof that Tampa is the worst place in the world? Sorry for being a hater but I don’t like them taking away national coverage from my Florida Marlins.



  1. “Street transaction”? what is that, buying a footlong from a hot dog cart? Can I be thrown in the pokey for buying a newspaper from a vending machine on the corner? I guess that’s one way for Tampa to keep people off the street and into one of the thousands of strip clubs in that town.

  2. Where is Jerry Jones gonna get his hook ups now?

    Not to mention his last name has the word “brick” in it. Cocaine anyone?

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