Selling out and lovin’ it!!!

14 05 2008

My story is on the front page of Beckett Media’s website. Yeah, that’s right! READ IT, people!

Also, the guys at Beckett are giving away 500 FREE issues of the “Graded Card Investor & Price Guide” along with some other goodies. Hurry up and claim your copy before it’s too late. Once you are done with it, leave them a little feedback on what you think of it.




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14 05 2008

Yeah! You corporate stooge you! The 10 packs of Donruss down the underpants story is classic too, good job.

As for the ‘free’ issue of Beckett as long as they charge $24.99 to your credit card, um, I’m gonna be unselfish and left 499 people in line ahead of me for that offer.

14 05 2008
Mario A.

What’s even greater is that Steve of White Sox Cards sent me the card unannounced. What a guy!

14 05 2008
Brandon Cacek

For the free magazine select “bill me later”. You will receive an invoice in the mail, but you don’t have to send it back if you don’t want the subscription. It really is a free magazine. No strings attached. So get back in line.

14 05 2008
Steve G.

Glad to see that your story finally made it!

As for the card; I’m just glad to see that it landed in the hands of someone who really appreciates it.

14 05 2008

Personally I think your appearance on Deadspin was more worthy of fame. When you are on that site, you automatically become a god.

15 05 2008
Chris Harris


… he says while preparing to send out his resume to Beckett.

15 05 2008
Jason Ballew

So what’d Beckett give you? 🙂

15 05 2008

Congrats Mario!

15 05 2008
Paul/DDoubleplay Sports

I don’t think your a sell out just a guy who truly loves this hobby! Great Job Mario!!

15 05 2008

U deserved that one.

16 05 2008

Wow! That’s awesome! I have a similiar story that I had completely forgotten about. This brought back some memories.

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