ESPN’s Hype Machine creates “Dice-K 2.0”

ESPN, the kings of over-hyping players (and themselves) have labeled Yu Darvish Dice-K 2.0, you know, because one Dice-K was just not good enough. If you want to read their article, probably written by Bud Selig himself, click HERE. You can also check out his official website by going here. I don’t know about you guys but I am just not feeling this kid. I haven’t seen him pitch yet but I am choosing sides and it’s Dice-K 1.0 for me.

To keep up with the big dogs, Wax Heaven dubs light-hitting Alfredo Amezaga “Vinny Castilla 0.21”. Sorry for the crude image but I don’t have Photoshop at work. Sports bloggers, feel free to link to the image 1,000 times over. I am a publicity whore.



  1. Yu Darvish is unique among the insanely overhyped in that he’s Japanese so he could end up being the next Dice-K OR the next Hideki Irabu and he’s also only 21 so he could end up being the next Nolan Ryan OR the next Todd Van Poppel. Plus it will probably cost a team 75 million bucks just to TALK to the guy. It’s like the perfect storm of hype. I hope he’s playing for New York next year.

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