Wax Heaven needs YOUR help!

Guys, please help out a Florida Marlins fan by voting Dan Uggla into the All-Star game as a starter for Second Base. You can do it by filling out a card at any ball park or you could just go online and do it from MLB’s website (go to “Cast Your All-Star Ballot Now” link)

This is not a gift vote, either. Dan is on a first place team, has 12 home runs, and is hitting close to .300 for the season. His career-high in dingers is 31 in 2007, he has 12 through 37 games. Could this be his first 40-home run season? The man deserves to start this All-Star game!


Mario Alejandro



  1. Another HR and a 2 bagger!!! The mans stuff is going crazy on eBay, i have been swinging my uggs gamer in the house, reading all of the national articles online He is HOT HOT HOT..
    I am one of the happiest Marlins fans in south Fla. I have followed him since his start with the Marlins (the rule 5 thing was very interesting to me..Even if he cant overturn the mighty Chase for an all star start he WILL be in the game with your help guys!!

  2. Are not the Phillies in the NL? They have a good 2nd sacker. Uggla should be on the team, I just don’t think a starting spot is waiting for him.

  3. Judging by the numbers, if Dan Uggla deserves a start, then the guy playing 2nd base hitting 40 points higher while hitting the same number of HRs would deserve it even more. It’ll certainly be an uphill battle to place Uggla over Chase Utley.

    And as a Reds fan, good game tonight, with the right team winning, too. Nice to see Cordero earning some of the 40 mil the Reds gave him. Too bad he hasn’t had more chances.

    Anyway, good luck to your Uggla campaign and your team. And here’s to three more exciting games (well two, and then you get to pound Matt Belisle).

  4. Yeah, it’s going to be a little tough to beat out Utley when he’s leading the world in home runs. I can, however, foresee several Marlins and Cubs on the all-star team this year.

    Kinda strange too that they both have weird names that start with U 🙂

  5. The differences are fairly negligible, but Chase Utley’s stats are marginally better. Uggla: .290-12-28-1.027(.375 and .652); Utley: .327-13-28-1.089(.409 and .680)… Dan Uggla also 39 strikeouts in 138 at-bats, compared to Utley’s 25 in 150 at-bats. Utley leads Uggla in stolen bases 3-1. They both have 12 doubles and a triple and Utley has 9 more hits total in his 12 more at-bats (49-40). That does however mean that Uggla’s hitting extra-base hits at a higher clip than Utley. Uggla has also been way hotter in the past 7 games going .350-4-8-1.440(.440 and 1.000!) to Utley’s .167-0-2-.550(.300 and .250).

    Chase Utley is making $7,368,714 more than Dan Uggla ($7,785,714 to $417,000), which means Uggla is giving you waaaaaaaaaay more bang for your buck, not that Chase isn’t more than earning his keep. Both of their last names also begin with U. Finally, and this is important, the little blurb from Scouts Inc. on Dan Uggla’s player page on ESPN.com misspelled the Sentinel in Sun-Sentinel as Sentiel. That puts Chase Utley over the top for the moment, though if Uggla remains as out of his mind as he’s been, he’ll be on top in a couple days. I will reserve judgment myself until near the end of the voting.

    And remember good people, the numbers never lie!

  6. I have to agree with Larry. Uggla’s not got the best 2B stats in the NL. He’s 2nd, so shouldn’t be the starter IMO. Still should make the team though.

    On the flip side, Lance Berkman TOTALLY should be the 1B starter, but probably won’t thanks to everyone drooling over Pujols.

  7. I think everyone that chimed in on this is 100% correct!! Chase will be the starter BUT what needs to happen this year is Uggla get enough votes to slide into the game. Uggla made it in 2006 and didnt get to play he was left off last year ( i understand why!! BA) for The O Dog him self Orlando Hudson! Even in 2006 he was a player/coaches pick, fans need to get behind this guy and vote him in this year no questions asked..So if you are not a phily fan or you dont have a man crush on Chase throw your vote to Uggs.. Chase will make it in no questions asked, Uggla needs the well deserved help!!

  8. Berkman has had a really good week. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and name Derrek Lee your 1B starter for the NL this year.

  9. Um. Are you looking at stats? Berkman’s had a very good MONTH+ so far.

    Berkman is:

    Currently 2nd in AVG (to Chipper Jones)
    1st in Runs
    2nd in Hits (to Chipper Jones)
    1st in Doubles
    Tied for 1st in HRs (with Chase Utley)
    2nd in RBIs (behind Josh Hamilton)
    1st in Total Bases
    1st in Slugging % (by over 100 points)

    This isn’t 1st in his position. This is 1st IN THE MAJORS.

    Now explain why he doesn’t deserve the votes?

  10. I’m really surprised about Berkman. He doesn’t have an error at first base yet either. But…are there really enough Astros fans around to vote him in? You have to admit that most casual baseball fans are retards. Players have been voted on in the past who were still on the DL mid way through the second half of the season, and had no chance of playing.

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