The Marlins have a crush on Jacque Jones

The good news is that he might feel the same way.

Jacque Jones, once a 25 home run, 80 RBI man was “designated for assignment” by the Detroit Tigers after posting a .165 batting average and just 1 home run with 5 RBI in 24 games. The Tigers have until the end of the week to release him. If the Fish do pick him up, it could take care of our lead-off spot and put the “Flying Mexican” on the bench. Of course, Jacque would have to find his swing and not be a distraction in the young Marlins clubhouse. I don’t think it would hurt to pick him up, although I think Luis Gonzalez is much more deserving of a full-time position, in my opinion.

Source: Sun-Sentinel

“Jones, who can play all three outfield spots, would give the Marlins another veteran left-handed bat off the bench and a candidate to bat leadoff and start in center against right-handers. Getting the bulk of the work against righties, Alfredo Amezaga has struggled atop the order, going 5 for 29 (.172) with two runs through his first two at-bats Monday.”



  1. I loved him when he came to the Cubs and hit in 06 and hated him when he didn’t hit in 07. When he gets ahold of one it goes a long way, but I think his career may be done.

    Of course then I hear that the Cubs are looking at Jim Edmonds. Oi vay!

  2. If the Marlins need a lead-off man that swings and misses a lot, Jones is their man.

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