Keep the streak alive, grow a bad mustache!!!

One of the weakest positions in the Marlins line-up comes in the catcher spot. You have a choice between Matt Treanor or Mike Rabelo. Treanor is a Florida Marlins staple, playing five seasons with the Fish but has a career batting average of .240 and is 32 years of age. Mike Rabelo came over with Andrew Miller from Detroit, is younger but is a .250 career hitter with two home runs since 2006. You don’t have much to choose from but my heart told me early in the season that Treanor was the man for the job and in my opinion, has a much stronger arm that Mike. Unfortunately, up until a week ago Mike Rabelo was pretty much the full-time catcher and Matt was thrown into the bullpen to help catch. What a downgrade!

Suddenly, Matt has gotten a few starts and is doing much better, improving his average to .279 for the season, a career-high for Treanor. One thing I noticed in his revival is a terrible-looking mustache that seems to have sparked his offense and perhaps even the team since most of the guys now have one too. Well, since the Marlins are on a 7-game winning streak I figured it’s my time to do my part. Starting today, I will not shave my face again until the Marlins reach the playoffs. Keep in mind two things: I am not as pretty as Tatiana and occasionally get called “Mexican” and a bad mustache does not help my situation much. Also, I work in an extremely uptight business office in which you are forced to keep your suit on at all times, even in the break room. I don’t know how in the world I am going to explain not shaving but here goes nothing!

Let’s go Florida Marlins!!!



  1. Get a note from your doctor explaining that you have a skin condition that is aggravated by razors. They can’t force you to shave if you have a doctor’s note.

  2. Treanor looks so bad with that thing…WORST STACHE EVA..
    In other news vote for Dan Uggle for the allstar game!!

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