Rip-off or amazing deal? You be the judge!

From time to time I go to eBay to check out certain auctions for entertainment and what I just found nearly blew my mind. There is a man on eBay that is claiming to own 100 graded 1994 Upper Deck SP Alex Rodriguez rookie cards and each with a grade of 9 and is asking for $55,000. After a little Windows Calculator magic I see that it comes to $550 for each card which I am sure is well below the going rate (I don’t keep up with price guides) but why in the hell would anyone want 100 of them?

We all know barring injury or retirement by shame (Rafael Palmeiro) that A-Rod will probably hit 800 home runs, get 3,000 hits, and drive in 2000 runs but is he really the guy you want to invest 55 grand in? He fainted during child birth, how will he handle a home run race? As far as the SP rookie card, you can buy them raw for under $80 regularly on eBay and besides, why fall into the grading scam? If the card is for your collection, who cares? If it’s to invest in, sure get it graded but don’t pay $55,025 (shipping) for some guy’s crap he wants to unload on some sucker.



  1. You can’t hold the passing out during child birth thing against the guy. Have you ever SEEN a placenta? You weren’t exactly looking when London was born, either; but maybe that’s because I was cutting the circulation off of your hand. 🙂

  2. I agree Mario…
    Here’s my dilema with grading.
    Lets say that One person/dealer etc sends to the grading company about 100 or more cards per month.Than will say that the Second person/dealer etc will only send maybe two or three cards into the grading company per month.
    You tell me,if there are some card or cards that are close to being GEM MINT-10 Perfect.Who is the grading card company going to give the Perfect GEM MINT-10 card or cards grade to?
    The person/dealer etc who sent the grading company a 100 or more cards to be graded per month or the person/dealer etc that sent two or three cards to the grading company per month?
    You tell me it’s simple business,right?

  3. Again is baseball really the best investment? i bet there are some $50K houses out there that will net you far more than these cards will in a shorter period of time.

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