Does Dan Uggla read Wax Heaven?

There hasn’t been a hotter player on the 1st place Florida Marlins than Dan Uggla. Tonight he has 5 RBI with a grand slam putting him at 9 home runs for the year, one ahead of the team’s star, Hanley Ramirez! Of course, this comes a month after I worried he might lose his job after a terrible start. Yeah, I know I am crazy but you can never say I don’t care.

If you are a fan of the underdog, this is as big of an underdog as there is in baseball today. The guy stands 5 feet 11 inches and is on his way to this second 30+ home run season in his third year in the bigs. Keep in mind this is a guy no one wanted and was left off the Diamondbacks Roster in 2005. Oh, did I mention Andrew Miller pitched 7 scoreless innings and struck out 7 for what will be his third win of the season? I love Marlins baseball!!!



  1. He did it again buddy. 2 homers today. Congrats, your boys swept mine. Sean Hill was shutting the fish down but Manny Acta pulled him anyway and Luis Ayala blew it again.


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