At least it’s not the Rip Master

Topps cannot let go of the gimmick cards and as more and more people are busting boxes of 2008 Bowman, the first gimmick since the last one, has popped up on eBay. It’s currently going for .99 cents but give it some time and watch as some Bowman nut buys it for $100 or more, depending on it’s print run and if it’s a short print or not. If this is a replacement for a real baseball autograph, I’d be upset. If it’s a bonus, I kind of like it actually. Too bad for the horrible sticker auto.

By the way, anyone find it humurous that the initials of the Bowman Scout is “B.S”?



  1. The “Bowman Scout” is a real scout with an American League team who does consulting work for Topps. I remember Beckett did an interview with him a few year’s back. Believe it or not, he doesn’t collect cards.

    “Bowman Scout” was on the provisional checklist when the sell sheets came out — so this isn’t an unannounced gimmick card. Just a regular ol’ gimmick card.

  2. Oh god. I kind of have a rule that if the person selling can’t put one decent sentence together then I’m not interested. I realize its being sold from Asia. Just doesn’t sit right with me.

    You would think they could at least spell Chinese right.

  3. I mentioned this a few weeks ago when it was first announced that they were going to be included. Can you imagine what a downer it is to pull one of these cards instead of a prospect auto? As far as I am concerned there are three people who would want the singles of these: The scouts, friends/family of the scout, and the ominous set collector.

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