Richie Sexson is not a zombie?!?!

When I was 15 years old I thought Richie Sexson was bound for glory. My theory was a bit skewed but somewhat logical. You see, Jose Canseco was 6’4 and hit 44 home runs once, Mark McGwire was just an inch taller and hit 52 in 1996 so what do I make of Sexson, who stood 6 feet 8 inches? 100 home runs, maybe more? Of course, it didn’t quite work out that way and for the most part Richie Sexson became an average power hitter who had two great seasons mixed in with a few good ones, by a slugger’s standards.

After a couple of seasons I grew bored waiting for Sexson to pass Roger Maris’ single season home run record by hitting 120 so I moved on and when I returned to the hobby had a nice long look at his stats. I guess the guy will give you a guaranteed 30-35 if he can stay healthy but not much more. This season he is hitting just above the “Mendoza Line” but has 7 home runs already. Sadly, with 301 career home runs and being only 31 years old there is a very good chance that someday Richie Sexson will be in the 500 home run club with guys like Mickey Mantle & Reggie Jackson. If that doesn’t make you just a little sad, nothing will.

Here is some proof that Richie Sexson is not a zombie.



  1. Obviously, I didn’t see the whole game, but seriously, that’s how we react now to a high fastball? The pitch was up, but that’s pretty far from my definition of an up and in purpose pitch. It’s all pussy posturing nowadays anyway. If a pitcher wants to send a message, it’s not that hard to actually hit someone.

  2. The only contact made in that scrum?

    Sexson throwing his helmet at him, which I laughed out loud at…

    And Milton picking up his own catcher.

  3. Sexton clearly just wanted to get it on, that pitch was nowhere close to him. Hope the suspension holds up.

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