Marlins vs. Brewers (photos!)

You want to know what dedication is? For the last week I have been stuck using my mother’s car to get to work while my Mustang was in the repair shop. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I was stuck driving my kid sister to school every morning which meant getting up at 5 A.M, driving 30 minutes West to the school, then 45 minutes North to get to my job on time. Repeat at 5:30 P.M every day. Well, this evening my car was ready to be picked up and the Infamous Tatiana decided to celebrate by treating me to a baseball game!

Here are the photos from the Marlins vs. Brewers game. They could have been better but I didn’t have time to set-up properly. As far as after the game, Bob Eucker, Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, JJ Hardy, Jason Kendall, Craig Counsell, and Bill Hall all ignored the fans. The one lone Brewer that took time with the fans this night was Ben Sheets. As far as the game, we won, Dan Uggla homered yet again, and Alfredo Amezaga made two plays of the week! It’s great to be a Marlins fan!

“Amazing” Amezega made not one but two amazing plays in Center!

Dan Uggla: Home run machine!

Mike Cameron, for the White Sox fan…

Ryan Braun looked kind of like a nerd I picked on in Jr. High

Prince about to display some serious warning track power!

Prince hustled to his bus faster than anyone else…



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