Tim Wakefield is dangerously underrated

Walk up to a typical Red Sox fan, ask them about their favorite player and I will give you a crispy $100 bill if they don’t call out a Josh, Manny, or “Big Papi”. If you go the young route, it’s Jacoby, Dice-K, and Clay but what about the forgotten man, Tim Wakefield? Not only has he reached double-digits in wins 9 years out of a possible 13 with Boston, he has also done it while being moved around more than Mike Morgan, from starting rotation to the bullpen and back a couple more times.

Last season Tim won 17 games and still all anyone talked about was Josh Beckett, who won 20 and came this close to the Cy Young Award. Well, maybe it’s ironic that this season Tim & Josh are tied in wins (3) but it’s Tim who has the better ERA (3.33) compared to Beckett’s 4.13. Maybe it’s finally Tim Wakefield’s turn to shine or maybe much like my Mark Hendrickson post where the readers all but called me crazy, I am getting excited over nothing. Only time will tell!



  1. I just talked to a Red Sox fan who I work with. Varitek is his favorite player. I’ll email you with my address and await my crispy $100 bill 🙂

    Also, Wakefield > Hendrickson, but Wakefield < Beckett. Neither comparison is really close in my mind.

  2. My favorite current player is David Ortiz, but I have respected Wakefield for many years and also thought he is extremely underrated.

    Like last night — he pitched 8 innings, gave up only 2 hits, no walks, got 6 K’s, and yet he’s hardly mentioned on Sportscenter. That’s quite an outing! (Of course, there are the NBA playoffs and Floyd almost throwing a no-hitter, but still…)

  3. Timmay is Stephen King’s favorite player and I think he’s pretty awesome too. I love that the guy will do anything that the manager asks him to do, and I believe he’s taken less money to stay in Boston as well.

  4. I went to game 6 of the NLCS in 1992 and watched Tim shut down the Braves. I disliked him then, but actually like him since he moved to the AL

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