Joey Votto for Rookie of the Year?

It’s early in the season but Cincinnati Reds First Basemen Joey Votto just made a name for himself after hitting three home runs in today’s game and it’s not over yet! After 7 innings, Votto is up to 7 home runs and 18 RBI for the season. At 24 years of age and in his first full year in the Bigs, 40+ home runs and 100+ RBI is not out of the question. The real question is do you have one of his official rookie cards? The most expensive rookie card of his on eBay is a 2002 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor with a Buy It Now price of $550. The card is #’d to just 50 but without an autograph, it lacks the punch of other recent hyped-up rookie cards. Heck, this Xfractor is selling for under $30 with 2 days left. It may not be as low-numbered as the Gold Refractor but it looks a lot more like a Pokemon card and costs a heck of a lot less!

It almost looks like there is no certified autograph rookie card of Joey Votto from any of the big companies. The only autographs I can find of Votto are from 2007 & 2008 releases. Talk about missing out on what could be a key player’s rookie card autograph!



  1. I don’t have his rookie card, but I did just pick up Votto in my fantasy league YESTERDAY! I look like a genius…at least for one day πŸ™‚

  2. WOW….Up to $46 right now. Hope he hits another 3 or 4 tomorrow so I can dig through my rc boxes and hopefully find one.

  3. Hey, I got a Joey Votto Just Minors (I think) autograph card as part of a four card autograph lot from ebay a couple years ago. I think it was in the $5 neighborhood, and two of the other guys have made it to the show with some level of success as well.

    While it’s much more than when I got it, it can still be had for much less than these obnoxiously shiny baubles that aren’t even autographed, rare though they may be. And hey, it’s autographed on the card too, not some easily scuffed up sticker. Sometimes my hobby of choice just doesn’t make any sense to me…

    I’ll keep my simple, nice and clean looking autograph card, you can keep the overly complicated, insanely priced parallels and be part of the problem. Kthxbai. πŸ˜›

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