I have officially sold out!

No, I haven’t started writing articles for Beckett.com instead I have done the one thing a collector should never do, betray his favorite player. Well, I haven’t exactly betrayed Jose Canseco but last week after seeing so many Andrew Miller cards I wanted on eBay I went and did the unthinkable. It took me 18 long years to score a single Jose Canseco autograph and in 3 months I am giving all three up on eBay to the highest bidder. Whatever I might be able to get for the three cards will go straight into more cards. Does this officially make me an addict?

One final note, The Sports Card Blog Directory is looking quite empty despite now having 90 links! C’mon guys, it’s getting tons of traffic per day so why not write a paragraph about your site, find yourself a picture to go with it, and submit it to me by email to Waxheaven@gmail.com so I can feature your blog? It’s FREE and it might even bring you 2-3 new daily readers.

P.S – If you were expecting some packages from me (Dinged Corners, Houston Collector, Jbob, & Fakehorsemuffins) I have not forgotten about you. My car broke down last week with all my bubble mailers in the backseat. As soon as the car comes back, I will mail out all y’all baseball cards. Thanks for the patience!



  1. First if you ever write for Beckett.Com
    I wont think u sold out. U would be on ur way.
    Second WTF?~?!?!
    U trade a player that is borderline Hall Of Famer for a scrub.
    Stop it

  2. if I end up winning them make sure you get them to me in a timely manner and safely LOL.. we’ll see if I put a good enough bid in since they would look good with all my other auto’s.

  3. I sent you a paragraph for my site. If you want to feature it on the directory, cool, if not, thats okay too.

    By the way, never submit yourself to the torture that is being a professional writer. You may get fame, women, and money, but…ummm…yeah just dont.

  4. Well I guess my bid was more than enough… can’t wait to put yet more auto’s into my collection! They will look great with the many other on card auto’s I have already.

  5. Only $34 for all three of those. Sweet cards like those, I thought they’d go for a little more. Should be able to get at least one nice Miller auto though.

  6. Mario may get fame and money from being a professional writer, but never women. That position is already taken. 🙂
    And if any woman has a problem with that, they can take it up with me, The Infamous Tatiana. 🙂

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