There is a lot of crap on eBay…

At the moment there are more single card auctions with a starting bid of $10,000 or more than I have ever seen before. The worst is not an actual card but a cheap-looking website that is being sold for over a million dollars. Actually, $1,750,000 to be exact. So, how much do you think I can get for Wax Heaven? Well, aside from the usual nonsense of graded cards with a grade of 9.5 or 10 going for twenty times the book value and Superfractors of guys no one knows of but Bowman Chrome junkies, one amazing card stole my attention away from the Andrew Miller auctions and it is this one.

So much hype follows Honus Wagner’s T206 card that sometimes other releases like this go unnoticed to many. As nice as the T206 is, this card here is a true 1/1 and features an autograph of the RBI/SB machine, Wagner. So you could pay millions for the T206 or you can pick this baby up for under $4,000.

So what’s it gonna be Mr. Pink?



  1. That’s a great site too. It works about half the time. And their pricing goes all the way up to 2005!!.

    That is a beutiful Wagner card. It almost makes you want to buy some of those ridiculously expensive packs every year.

  2. You could start with that subject title and write an endless amount of posts… 🙂

    FYI, there’s a website that looks at your Technorati rankings to figure out how much your website is worth, using the same dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal. I don’t know that anyone would pay it (or I’d sell mine), but it’s neat to look at.

  3. I am with Charlie on this one…..their pricing stinks. I wish I had $4000 so I could snag that card…it is a beauty!

  4. I remember a while ago there was a seller who put up cards at 2,000 times sell value because they had some sort of distinguishing feature. It was usually a serial number thing like jersey number, or first or last printed – nothing to command a hike in price. Ebay is junk sometimes.

  5. Sellers who jack up eBay prices will never go away whether its the superfractor for ten grand or a 10 cent Conlin card for ten bucks because all it takes is one sucker and it’s all profitable.

    That Wagner card is sweetness, but I’m curious as to what the full item looked like before it got chopped up. What are all those lines at the top?

  6. You know dayf, that’s something that a lot of people are starting to ask. Instead of the card companies cutting up all of this vintage memorabilia, why not put in a really nice card of the player that is also a redemption for the original item in a nice frame, or something similar. The funny thing is, the full item would probably not be worth nearly as much as a card with the cut in it. 🙂

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