Unopened box of ’93 Finest on eBay!

Once upon a time before Wax Heaven, Ben Henry’s Baseball Card Blog was the only baseball card-themed site I knew and visited on a daily basis. Over the last few month’s I have been reading new blogs a lot more frequently than Ben’s site but loved this post he did yesterday about 1993 Topps Finest, a set that introduced the hobby to Refractors and real premium prices. Of course, after reading the article I rushed out to eBay to see if by some miracle someone had a hobby box up and sure enough there is one, going for $200 with 4 days remaining and 19 bids!

That’s a little bit out of my price range considering you are only guaranteed two Refractors but it would definitely be the coolest Wax Heaven video box break, ever! Aside from my “White Whale”, I am going to start saving up for a box of this, if it ever surfaces again. As far as this current auction, if any Wax Heaven readers buy this box drop me an email if you’d like to sell a few packs.



  1. There’s also one box with a BIN price of $250. Unfortunately, if you look a little further down the list there are several refractors selling for $10. At 2 refractors a box for $250, I think this ends up in the lotto box category. You may be better off buying a box and keeping it sealed.

  2. Bid auctions are funny sometimes. I saw a box of 08 Co-Signers go last night for $132 in an auction, when there are dozens listed BIN for under $100.

  3. There’s a complete set of ’93 Finest available for $113.93 BIN. That’s probably a better deal than getting the box and having less than a full set plus two refractors.

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