Andrew Miller beats Greg Maddux! (photos)

I was going to follow along with my theme of posting an Andrew Miller baseball card each time he pulls a victory out of his hat but instead I will post some photos since Tatiana and I were at the game today. The game itself was a thing of beauty. The veteran Greg Maddux, going for his 350th win in his fourth attempt did not have his best stuff today. Andrew Miller, with just one victory in six starts finally earned his win today. Not only did he pitch very well but he even drove in a run, as did most of the team. Dan Uggla, now officially my second-favorite Marlin hit yet another home run and his third of the series. The man is on FIRE!!!

Oh, the Infamous Tatiana had her favorite Marlin, Alfredo Amezega sign her baseball so I expect there will be a blog about it on her own site tonight. I am almost positive Derek Jeter has been replaced. You know what I think? Good riddance, Mr. Jeter. As far as autographs, Tatiana got two Marlins and one official from the San Diego Padres. The visiting team could not sign today but some of them were still good sports despite the rule about not being able to. Personally, I am not a fan of autographs but Tatiana had a blast chasing down a few. Below are a few photos I took today. There would be more but my camera’s battery died on me and I couldn’t find the replacement battery.

Andrew Miller was money today, winning his second game of the year!

He was also friendly after the game, waving to his fans (Tatiana & I).

The guy just rocks! Check out my Andrew Miller collection here.

I’ve always wanted to see Maddux pitch but…

…he didn’t make a great impression!

He is still a legend, though. One of the greatest of our generation.



  1. Thanks, guys. There should be new photos in a couple of days when the Brewers, Prince Fielder, and Ryan Braun come into town!

  2. Wow, these pictures are fantastic! Dang I wish Maddux was pitching against the Braves this Thursday… I’d love to see him kick our ass.

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