Padres vs. Marlins (photos)

A few weeks ago we met an employee at Dolphin stadium who said he could score free tickets for Tatiana and I. By the way he was looking at Tatiana I thought to myself this is a bad idea but I went ahead and let Tatiana give her our phone number. A couple of days ago “Keith” called and got us some unbelievable seats to the Padres game. He took the day off and sat with us and when the 5th inning rolled around got us even better seats just feet away from first base. Those were the best seats I have ever had at a game. Much thanks to Keith for making our night and talking baseball the entire time!

As far as the game, we won. Dan Uggla came through for two home runs while Luis Gonzalez hit one as well. Also found out that Adrian Gonzalez, Jake Peavy, Greg Maddux, and Wally Joyner are not the nicest guys in the world but former Detroit Tiger Tony Clark is. Calling Mr. Clark a nice guy would be an understatement, though. He began signing as soon as he hit the field for batting practice (10 minutes) and after the game as he was walking to his bus with a bag of popcorn, a soda, and what appeared to be a Bible—signed for an additional 25 minutes. Greg Maddux tried to sneak on the bus with Trevor Hoffman but was spotted and pulled the “I don’t hear you guys” routine on us. What is even worse was Jake Peavy shushing his fans (Tatiana’s blog coming tomorrow). Seriously though, Tony Clark is officially the nicest baseball player I have ever met, truly a gentlemen and once again one of my favorites. Thanks Tony the Tiger! Now if only more players followed in your footsteps.

Mr. Joyner: Bitter but signed tons of cards after the game

Khalil: Gave us weird looks but signed many cards as well

Adrian: Not the friendliest guy to his fans

Tony: A class act all the way!

Hanley: Now my fourth favorite Marlin!

Uggla: Thanks for the two home runs!

Alfredo Amezega AKA “The Flying Mexican”

Luis Gonzalez hit his third home run of the season

I can’t believe how close to the game I was!!!

Tony Clark hard at work!

Hope you have a great season, Mr. Clark!



  1. That’s really dissappointing to hear that Maddux isn’t a very nice guy. For some reason I’ve always pictured him as one of the better guys around the league. I guess looks can be decieving.

    As far as Gonzalez goes, I thought you had to be somebody in the league before you could act like a douche.

  2. Mario – I’m a huge fan of your site, so please don’t mistake this for any sort of disrespect, but do you think you know enough about Adrian, Greg, Wally, and Jake to come to the conclusion that they’re not nice people? Just because they didn’t stop what they were doing and sign some autographs makes them bad? For goodness sakes, Jake Peavy was a Clemente Award finalist for all the charity work he does when he’s not on the field.

    For someone who wants to photograph professional athletes, you’re going to have to learn that they aren’t obligated to sign or pose just because someone asks them to. When they arrive at the ballpark, it’s just like you and me arriving to our office.

  3. Oh, he didn’t even mention Jake Peavy. He shushed his fans as they praised him. You can check out my blog to read about that one. I don’t understand why people are such jerks. Ah well, that’s life. At least Tony Clark was simply amazing! 🙂

  4. Chris, you are absolutely right, these people are not obligated to sign autos and stop for photos, but is it really okay for them to turn around and shush their adoring fans because he just didn’t want to stop? There were a bunch of kids that look up to these guys, and all most of these guys could do was turn the other cheek. What’s five minutes? Or even one minute? Or at least look at your fans and wave, or even smile. It’s better to leave your fans with a smile, than to shush them on your way onto the bus. I just hope Mr. Charity Man Peavy didn’t crush any of those kids hearts too badly.

    Also, we don’t come to games for autographs. I normally just wave and say hi. And if they respond positively, it is the high light of my day. After the game, we go to see if we can get some more photographs. Ironically, it’s the players that normally come up to us and ask if we want anything signed. I simply tell them that all I want is a photo, if they have the time.

  5. Chris, thanks for the feedback. One thing you have to understand is that you cannot take something like me saying “he is not a nice” guy to heart. I am a fan, especially of someone like Wally Joyner who was giant in the 80’s when I was a child and to have him not even wave to his fans before the game was a little heartbreaking. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I think that is something everyone who reads the site should know by now. You can be my hero one day and a villain the next.

    I am positive Jake, Maddux, and Wally are awesome to their hometown fans but on this one night, May 2nd, 2008 they gave us Florida baseball fans the cold shoulder. Like I said, many other Padres spent a good time signing, though so the experience was awesome.

    By the way, we have gone to many games in 2008 and not asked for a single autograph. A photo is all we try to get. We mostly go for the love of baseball and to interact with these athletes for just a moment in time before they move on to another city.

    Thanks again for the feedback, Chris!

    -Mario A.

  6. Mario and Tatiana – Thanks for writing back. It really sucks that they gave the FL fans a cold shoulder, and I would probably be pretty pissed as well. The shushing does sound pretty rude, and it’s very disappointing to hear that. I didn’t mean to comment directly on your experience, but instead, make a comment on something I’ve noticed lately.

    I’m a huge Red Sox fan, and was lucky enough to go to 15 games last year. After spending so much time at the ballpark, I was just shocked and appalled at how some fans behaved around the athletes. There’s a total sense of entitlement these days. For some reason, fans believe that since the athletes make a lot of money, they should just give things away or sign 1000 autos.

    On one of the best nights of my life, being behind the dugout when the Sox won the pennant, I witnessed a bunch of Sox fans literally beg Mike Lowell and Mike Timlin for 2007 AL East hats and shirts, and when either Mike didn’t respond, the fans accused them of being rich snobs that didn’t care about the fans.

    I know you guys are great fans unlike those mentioned above, that was never in doubt. I think I just wanted to vent a little about this since it upset me so much when I saw it. You guys are great, and if you need any photography help, Mario, please let me know. Keep up the awesome work.

  7. Should have asked Tony how his time at the University of Arizona was. I’m sure that would have generated a string of four letter words spewing from his mouth.

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