I must be getting old…

…because Julio Franco, one of the players I watched growing up has officially retired. Of course, most of the M.L.B already knew this since Franco was stuck playing this season in a Mexican league. It’s kind of sad to see him finally go, though. Franco, who played in the bigs for 23 seasons is the oldest player to ever hit a home run and retires with a .298 career batting average while driving in more than 1,000 R.B.I in his career.

What’s really interesting is the season he was putting together in 1994, the year of the strike. In 112 games, Franco had 20 home runs and 98 R.B.I and was well on his way to his only 30/100 season before the strike ended the baseball season. Julio Franco would never came close to those numbers again, failing to reach that plateau other superstars reach on an almost average basis.



  1. Your walking a thin line here Mario!! Someone is bound to pop out of the woods soon and say something like “how dare you call Julio old hes a person to you know!!WAAAAA how do you think he would feel to know you are reminding all of us he played in the bigs for 23 years..and why would you use a scan of an 83 card for any other reason to call him old” WAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAA WAAAA.. Everyone jump in line and cry under my comment

    P.S. Wax Heaven and Mario Alejandro and The Infamous Tatiana do not endorse my public mocking of the ever growing population of “Blog Comment cry baby guy”!! Give him a hard time over Stats not opinion!!

  2. Damn this is a sad day! I was hoping he was going to make it to being 50 and being in the majors. Are you telling me he couldn’t fill in for the Orioles this year?

  3. Yeah, it’s sad to see him retire. I was also hoping he’d play until 50, like he’d wanted to.

    I can’t believe no one signed him this year…

    I remember a couple of years ago when he was on the Braves and the other players would say Julio was toned better than everyone else… And he also used one of the heaviest bats in the majors.

  4. I sure the Mets could use him still . . . . . He would be able to show a young punk like Jose Reyes how to really play the game. Oh yeah, and maybe even some sportsmanship ?


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