Trader’s remorse?

Back when I opened my box of ’07 SP Authentic almost every card pulled that day was kicked to the curb when I found a short-print By The Letter Ryan Braun autograph. The other By The Letter pulled that day was a sweet Brandon Webb that was ignored and not even included in the scan of my review. The moment I got my scans up for the Beckett Message Board over 20 people asked if the Braun was available for trade while just one asked about the Webb. I was almost certain the Webb was a dud, considering I had just gotten back into the hobby and didn’t even look at his career numbers. I ended up trading away the Webb for a dual game-used Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis and a few base cards that I ended up trading away a few weeks ago.

Well, it’s 2008 and Brandon Webb is off to a 6-0 start this season and my By The Letter autograph is sitting in someone else’s collection. This is what I call trader’s remorse. Have you ever experienced it? I am sure I am not the only one who has not made a bonehead trade, right? Anyone… 😦



  1. Back in the day I remember trading my 1975 George Brett RC to my best friend for a handful of cards that may have been commons or semis (and would have been 1980 or older). Can’t even remember what they were. But he let me know right away what I traded him!

  2. How about this one..

    My mint Koufax rookie for a poor condition one, and poor condition 1955 and 1956 Ted Williams cards. To top it off, it was my middle school dean of students who took me.

    Or trading all my T-206 cards for new product in the 80’s because no one would ever care about “old cards”.


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