’08 Topps Co-Signers review

Sorry to those who were looking forward to a video box break, it’s been canceled. Trust me when I tell you that not much was missed. Topps Co-Signers was the first box I opened in 2007 after a 10-year absence and much like last year’s box, this one was also a dud. Don’t get me wrong, the cards are beautiful and sometimes the sticker autographs work but the player checklist is a little weak yet again.

Design – B

This year’s Co-Signers’ design I believe is a step back from 2007 but like I said earlier, the sticker autographs are not the worst-looking cards I have seen. The parallels (12 per box) are thick, colorful, and provide much needed eye candy.

Price – A+

I am sorry but for $100 you get 12 #’d parallels, including one #’d to 25 and 4 autographs (one is a dual). You also get some nice-looking cards of all your favorite players. If this box was priced at $80 it would be the product of the year!

Pulls – C

Okay, got most of the stars in the base set and the parallels were of decent players but the three autographs were pretty lousy, again. Bronson’s auto’s consistently sell for under $10, Freddy Sanchez is, well…Freddy Sanchez, and I have no idea who the boxer is but he is 26-0 so maybe there is a nice pricey card in the making, but I doubt it.

Overall – B-

Well, it is an improvement over last year’s product but not by much. If this box ever goes for under $90 I will be first in line for a second and maybe even third box but in the meantime I will save my pennies for a late box of ’08 Topps Finest.




  1. We both got the exact same lame-ass Bronson Sardinha auto, hilarious. I also got a boxer I’ve never heard of with a giant scratch down the front of the card, a parallel #’d to 75 and…………..NO CO-SIGNER DUAL AUTO!!!!! I’ve spent the last hour or so drafting a letter to Topps. I’ll also be posting it on my blog tomorrow.

  2. I already bought a box for under $90. It should arrive soon. I hope that I get some better pulls…

  3. I’m actually a huge boxing fan, but aside from Kelley Pavlik, Ray Mancini and Juan Manuel Marquez there isn’t a lot of star power in these boxing solo-sigs. One of my autographs was a redemption card for a Danny Green boxing card, a retired light-heavyweight I didn’t even know about and I have to send the card to Topps and wait 8-12 weeks just to get it. I got the Bronson auto in my first box and I’m already well on my way to completing the full set of the autographed rookies. They must have signed hundreds of these things as they haven’t been difficult for my friends and I to pull. The hyper-plaid parallels are quality cards however, and you do feel like you get your ten bucks a pack worth. I’ll probably buy a bit more and try my luck at getting that Mickey Mantle/A.Rod cut sig card (a pipe dream I know!)

  4. On January 17 2008, Sardinha was signed to a minor league deal with the Seattle Mariners, and was invited to spring training. Sardinha did not make the team and was assigned to their Triple-A affiliate, the Tacoma Rainiers, but was released early in the season.

  5. My latest box of co-signers was pretty exciting. I pulled my first printing plate 1/1 of Gil Meche (5th color) and got the dual boxing auto of Raphael Marquez and Israel Vasquez. Most of my parallels, however, had some of the foil peeling off…so if they had been better cards I would have been more upset. I saw the quad-cut sigs card of the 5 star generals (1/1) on ebay with a buy it now of $12,000!

  6. I just pulled a Samuel Peter auto’d card in a Co-Signers box. Wikipedia says that he’s the current WBC champion. I don’t know much about boxing, but it seems like this is a decent pull. Can anyone more knowledgeable about boxing tell me more about Samuel Peter?

    I also got a Wladimir Balentien auto’d card and a redemption for a Jeff Francis and Jason Hirsh dual auto’d card.

  7. Sam Peter is in the current top 3 heavyweight fighters in the world but lost to Wladimir Klitchsko. It’s certainly in the top 10 best boxing cards this year, though.

  8. I bought one pack and got a redemption for a Olson Burress dual auto not a bad pull but for 10 a pack i couldve gotten soemthing better not a card that books the same as the pack. Overall a solid product nice parrallels but why cant they have a better selection of autos

  9. Isn’t Aaron Pryor on the set? That would be a HUGE boost to the boxing side of the set since Pryor is a Hall of Famer who- beat All time great Alexis Arguello twice.

    And just to- see if I can find him or Kelly Pavlik I want to buy some of these! Are they still sold at stores?

    Mario, the boxer you got is Arthur Abraham, who is the IBF world Middleweight Champion. He is quite popular in Europe, actually, and the boxing world is exploding as it awaits a unification fight between him and Pavlik. How much would you sell the card for??

    Thanks and God bless!

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