Journalists vs. Bloggers

Check out this video from HBO’s Costas Now about their show on journalists vs. blogging. I think it’s pretty clear that Buzz Bissinger, author of ‘Friday Night Lights’ doesn’t like Will Leitch of much. If you are unfamiliar with Deadspin, it’s one of the very best sports blogs on the Internet.

Deadspin once linked to a Wax Heaven post and ended up giving the site over 3,500+ unique page views in 24 hours. They are the real thing and clearly the future of journalism even if Buzz doesn’t like it.



  1. Hey Buzz, ya jealous douche. How’s about I crank a little Detroit Rock City, and we’ll match it up with Come Sail Away, and we’ll se how it plays out.

    You’re medium is dying!! You’re too old and too slow to keep up. Myself and most of the literate portion of my generation have been getting our news and opinions from the web for years, and in my lifetime we will see the end of newsprint. End of story 🙂

  2. Although this Bissinger fellow comes off as a jealous jerk, I think I get where he is coming from. For the most part, sports blogs aren’t subject to fact checking and therefore are pretty spotty as a news source. As an example, I look at frequently and it is very funny, but there is really not anything there I would see as journalistic or sports reporting. There are a lot of sports blogs that I think fit that same category and really would ‘dumb down’ the audience if that was the only place(s) they are looking for sports information (the same can be said for sports radio). Of course there are many levels out there of sports blogs and some maintained by teams, players and people who cover certain teams can provide information you wouldn’t get anywhere else and are a little bit more accountable for their content.

    I think things will be fine as long as blogs are looked at as part of the big sports picture. I really doubt there are that many people that would use only blogs as their source for sports information like Bissinger seems to think they will in the future. We shall see.

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